Utilising the latest technology to deliver a phone system that is perfect for your business

Communication is vital to every business, and is at the heart of the 01T portfolio. Team members are experts in hosted/VoIP, mobile and soft phone telephony, and are dedicated to designing the right solution at the right price for every customer. 

Having team members with expertise and experience in the analogue telephony environment, means we can work with a large number of legacy systems. Our consultative approach means we will always find the right solution for you and deliver at a price that suits. 


Hosted Telephony, or VoIP is at the forefront of new office communications, and 01T is positioned as one of the leading companies in delivering VoIP solutions to businesses. Hosted/VoIP uses the internet to carry phone calls rather than old fashioned analogue lines. This means that 01T can deliver a phone system without the need for large pieces of on site equipment, lengthy moves, adds and changes, dedicated onsite technical training or long term maintenance contracts. The flexibility of the system means we can customise to your business needs, and that ongoing changes can be applied quickly by our support team. Using the Broadsoft platform, the biggest VoIP platform in the world, 01T can deliver all the features your business requires from; Call Centres, Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Voicemail to email, advanced forwarding and divert options, call recording, detailed reporting and much much more.


Delivering mobile contracts in a simple and easy to understand way, 01T can find a tariff that’s perfect for every business situation. 01T is proud to present 30 day SIM only contracts. No more long term business contracts are required, making this solution ideal for the ever changing world of business communications. Powered by the leading UK and global mobile partners 01T is also able to deliver longer term “traditional” contracts, and with our relationship with Apple we can provide some of the best quality mobile phones coupled with the most competitive tariff. Better still, the team will take a holistic look at your telephony structure and consult on the best way to integrate your business and mobile phone systems to deliver a truly world class service.


Using a VoIP Gateway with SIP trunks, 01T is able to offer the ability to harness the power of our hosted platform with an existing analogue system. This approach is particularly useful when transitioning from legacy hardware to a hosted telephony solution. Through our ties with several of the leading analogue telephony providers, 01T is also able to deliver analogue services from one single phone point up to full multi-line solutions.