win Colt Partner of the Year 2016

Colt Partner of the Year Awards - 2016

It is our pleasure to announce that have been awarded the coveted 'Colt Partner of the Year' award for 2016!

Following an incredibly successful year deploying truly innovative network solutions across our corporate client base our Sales Director, Clive Golland picked up the award at the annual Colt Partner Conference in Madrid.

“As a testament to our continued belief in Colt as a forward thinking network operator, have further invested in our client engagement and service delivery teams to support the increased demand from our Colt client base.”

Daniel Deak, General Manager for Technology predicts that “in 2017 we will continue to see significant growth as Colt’s investment in on-demand SDN solutions in particular have come to fruition, the operational and commercial benefits afforded to our clients are real and present. Measuring the deployment of network assets in weeks and months will become a thing of the past and Colt are certainly well out of the starting blocks in making this a reality”.


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