Dark Fibre

What is Dark Fibre?


Traditional telecoms companies have only wanted to sell their customers fully managed Ethernet data links. This is where they control and deploy the equipment the fibre terminates on, what security that is added and importantly the bandwidth or capacity that the link can run at. The service is locked down to prevent you, the customer, having control. This bundled approach means many customers feel overcharged, with little transparency and an inability to shape the service to their specific needs.


Even though fibre is virtually limitless in capacity the traditional providers want you to commit to long term contracts at a fixed bandwidth, typically 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps. Every time your requirements change, charges can occur to terminate an existing contract, then having to start a new one normally at a higher cost.


Locally available dark fibre for the first time can change all that. We will access dark fibre, the foundation of all these connections. You can then choose to add the components you need when you want them to create the service that suits you. We will help and advise each step of the way. For instance, you can rent or buy the equipment or even re-use your existing Local Area Network (LAN) equipment in some cases. We will show you the options, allow you to pick the components of the service you need and let you take control.


Get in touch today to learn more about our approach to dark fibre, our packages and the truly consultative service at 01T. We mean to lead the revolution of the business leased line market. Don’t buy off the peg from a traditional operator, buy tailor made, with the added attraction of coming to a business which believes in and delivers exceptional service.

Dark Fibre - Limitless Possibilities

01T's team can help unlock the untapped potential of dark fibre.

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Is Dark Fibre with 01T for me?

If any of the following apply, feel free to contact us for a short consultation;


  • - Your company currently has existing leased lines sometimes known as ethernet circuits, optical connections or point to point connections, we can arrange in many cases to migrate these to an enhanced managed dark fibre service with compelling cost efficiency and control benefits. Break your organisation out of the bandwidth trap forever.


  • - You have demanding high-security requirements or concerns about running traffic over electronics that you do not control. We can supply you a dedicated solution with level 1 encryption. Our solutions utilise basic optical enterprise kit right through to carrier class Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and Software Defined Network (SDN) technology with the very latest in control and security capability.


  • - You want to link a campus or similarly clustered premises together, typically less than 50 miles apart, and converge your Wide Area Network (WAN) and LAN into a single solution and manage as a single entity, making a simpler, cleaner more efficient network.


  • - You want to control and manage your WAN environment as you control your LAN today.


  • - You want to retain the freedom to change bandwidths often and at short notice, you want your network partner to offer you flexibility and control about how you deliver resilience and disaster recovery.


  • - You want a supplier that will work to your needs, not theirs, which means if you need fully managed “traditional” circuits, we are happy to offer those too, all done with the same great service and attention to detail.

We do different. 01T will ensure that we will carry your project from planning and architecting right through to implementation. Enjoy in-life service with the care and dedication you deserve.

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